Friday, November 07, 2014

Lets get dirty...

Dirty Dirty Dirty was last nights ThNR theme.  We did the FFX West Loop as the rain on and off all day had made the regular WF trails un-rideable. 

A bit of a late start at just before 7PM put us back in the WF Lot at 8:52.  Also a few minor navigation issues.  Sigh.  I'm not an expert in Old Town Fairfax.  Quick stop at Auld Shebeen for an Irish Car Bomb for me and W.  KL opted for a refill of her water bottle.  Sigh.  :P

Then a harrowing ride up along 123 to 50 and back to the CCT.  Wet and muddy we were done. 

PLB's briefly before Kilroys.  And home.

I slept like crap from crazy dreams of robotic boogiemen and AI attacks by my phone.  I could maybe blame the drinks but I only really had whiskey and beer.  And  a tiny bit of coffee liquor in the ICB.  I think I just needed more water honestly. 

Woke up with TIRED legs and opted against riding in today.  I shall run instead I guess tonight.  Maybe try and do 3.5 or so. 

Getting a good long ride in this weekend is the big goal.

Next week's menu:  Snow on thursday?!?!?!?WTFBBQ?!?!?!

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