Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Rain?!?!? Go Away!

July has continued the generally rainy trend of June so far with I think over 5 inches of rain in some DC area's.  Typically for May and June are right around 4 inches.  That means at near 20 inches were really really really wet.  And more storms on the horizon.  Storms this evening and overnight and I can almost guarantee at 5-6PM tomorrow for the should be third week of W@W that will probably get pushed off again.

Shed/Gambrill ride this weekend kicked my butt.  My shoulders hurt Sunday and Monday.  Though some of that may have been the event on Sunday.

Early last week I started looking at some stats/idea's around Kill Bill 2015 ride and realized that without some serious water support this ride with 50-70 riders could take a bit longer than last year which finished at like 5 or 530.  So I started borrowing 5Gal water coolers and planned.  

So at 730AM on Sunday I went to safeway and bought 20 gallons of water and 40 lbs of ice.  And off to CVS I went.  The wrong CVS.  Made it to the right one with 30 mins to spare for the first stop.  Kathy Lewis and some others were there.  Kathy had a ton of water and gatorade!  And about 60 riders rolled in.  3 5 gallon coolers and tons of gallons of water went out.  And in 15 mins everyone was back out on the track.  I opted to restock at the giant with some more ice, soda, and cookies and chips.  Back out and about 30 mins later the group hit for stop 2.  Soda and snacks were a big hit and once again the group got back out on the road in about 15 minutes.  Next stop we were missing the 1st pass as it was only like 7-8 miles away but we made it for the 2nd stop.  Near Marymount U.  More water, ice, soda and snacks went out.  Things going well we were at mile 50'ish already for the riders and it was pretty early and still cool.  After some bad directions/gps Kathy and I hit the next stop at the CVS at Westmoreland/N Sycamore and setup.  20 mins later in comes the group.  More water, snacks etc.  First few people begin to falter but the main group is still going well.  Next stop is just before main Barcroft section.  I go pick up a part for a rider and head on. Should have gotten more water.  Next to last stop and it's finally getting warm at around 2pm.  All water is done.  Ride is off a few more people move to social ride cutting some of the worst out.  But still not many.  I go and get 14 more gallons of water, more coke, more ice and snacks for the final stop between barcroft and the return to falls church.  Made it with 10 mins to spare.  Riders are struggling now at 97 miles and just completing barcroft,  About 10 miles left with 2 big climbs.  Used tons of water and soda and snacks.  Social ride ends up at about 8 people.  MAin group leaves pretty quick, 2nd group leaves 10 minutes later after a longer break.

Final usage - 42 gallons of water, 110# of ice in drinking water, 30lbs for soda/pickles/etc.  4 12 packs of soda, 4 jars of pickles, 4 bags of chips, 4 sets of cookies.  5 jars of gatorade powder.  Not bad for a non-supported ride :)

Almost 40 riders finished of near 60.  Raised over $5k for charity.  Not a bad day.  Boy was I tired :)

Wimped on riding Monday but got back on today for the commute in.  Legs we tired but not bad hopefully they are ready for W@W tomorrow.  Though admittedly I'm debating riding in, with the thought it's gonna get cancelled again.

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