Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where did June go?

If someone finds June please return it to me so I can enjoy it again.

Not a bad month and in actuality it didn't pass super fast.  It was just busy between trailwork, racing, riding and helping people move.  I think thats what made the 1st half really blow by.

New position at work is still kicking my butt in someways, between that and final push to migrate our customers from our legacy system to the new one.  I'll be very glad once this is done.  Probably September though.

June was not a super high mileage month till last week when I had a 160+ miles, most of early june was spent moving people and mid June I was focused on Wakefield Trailwork.

Super stoked for another not too hot W@W this wednesday and then Thursday we've got WF TNR and Friday is an off day so I finally get to do an observance ride, a Gravel Grinder out in LoCo.

Made myself do a pile of errands on bike that I've been doing in car lately and it was fine and got in about 6 extra miles of riding.

Weather this month was crazy hot up till this last weekend when the storms cooled stuff down.  Yesterday and Sunday were beautiful, in the high 60's in the AM.  Today is a tad warmer but still not bad.  Hoping we stay cooler in July, and a tad drier.  Rainy Rainy month also.

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