Monday, February 01, 2016

Goodbye January!

Hello February.

The end of the month with the massive snowstorm made January a bit less epic than I hoped, but a solid early part of the month and some dumb stuff kept me solid.

32 Total Activities, 450 Miles of Cycling, 48 Hours of Activity.  Hiking, Trailwork, Running, Sledding and Shoveling of course rounded out the activities.  Though I did almost CRUSH my entire Jan-Feb-Mar 2015 totals in just January.  That's got me stoked for sure.

Not a lot of LONG rides but lots of riding was good.  Was honestly probably in over trained status by the middle of the month leading up to the storm.  Then the storm and tweaking my back on day 2 of shovel hell left last week pretty light Monday thru Thursday - minus sledding Thursday night.

My back on and off hurts anywhere from barely to moderately.  This getting old crap sucks.  My arm/shoulder still hurts at time from the crash at CCCX in December.  Definitely fractured crap I suspect.  Should have stayed off the bike a bit more but the travel also didn't help.  Strength work at the gym is slowly starting to help a bit also.

Studded tires finally on the CX rig but no where to ride till really today as the WOD wasn't well plowed/melted up this way.  It may finally be passable tomorrow, but I may work from home tomorrow due to never ending meetings/etc starting at 8am.  Can't be late and that would mean leaving house at like 630.  Ain't gonna happen since I'm off to see Muse for at the 5th time I think.  Always an awesome show.

Gotta figure out my team level this year, they raised each level by 5 events.   With MORE stuff and work stuff I may drop back down to Lazy Level or just lead some Monday CX rides at Wakefield-Accotink this spring.  We shall see.

Vacation next week is looking pretty damn good.  No really nasty weather in the next 15 days.

Also got some Black Ops 3 in this weekend and spent some time grinding up from level suck to level less suck (21).  So I could unlock my next SMG of choice.  Pretty fun game once I get my head into it a bit.  I'm still to old/slow to be awesome.

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