Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunny Day's and Muddy Buddies

Saturday we had an awesomely warm day, though overcast till 3pm.  I did the airport loop that I hadn't done in a while and it took me probably an additional 30-40 minutes due to how often I had to slowdown/stop/yield/etc for people.

Hordes of people.  Like walking dead hordes.  Just not dead.  Well not all of them.  Even with all the slowassedness I still cut a few achievements including 3rd best time up the Custis.

Sunday was funday.  We rode from the shop down to the C-anal and rode out to Great Fallzor.  It was an epic battle of mud and people.  We nearly got taken out by a group of crazy Chinese tourists that we wandering all over taking photos.  So dirty.  I was definitely feeling the tired.  Then we did 41st street.  And I made it!  20% grade at point, but more typically 8%.  By the time you hit the top of the neighborhood your at near 300ft of climbing in 1.5 miles.

February has been a bit slack for me.  My big week off was a mix of sitting, sleeping and eating.  But very relaxing.  I was definitely over trained in January.  Hoping to get up to 20 hours this month.  Today will get me to 16 or so but unless I rain ride....   Sigh.  Though tomorrow is an off day riding in was so fucking tiring.  Slooooow.

March....Cloudy with a chance of rain.  It's looking like a very wet spring.  Which is better I guess than a very snowy winter.  MTB is going to be rare I think till April at this rate.  In the next 15 days I think it's calling for rain on 7.  Ugh.

But near 600 miles for the year?  Can't complain as at the end of March 2015 I was at 500 miles and 46 hours.

Tonight's project?  Tear down and clean MTB.  Might even do cables if I go nuts.

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