Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vermont is SHARP!

Back from a 6 day trip to Vermont.  Hell of a drive but we did well and never had any REALLY bad traffic.  We left DC around 1130'ish after a food stop but due to food and other detours/scenic routes got in at around 11PM after a LATE dinner of beer and chips and salsa.

We got a garage apartment outside of Waitsfield VT.

Next morning we woke up early and we hit The Sweet Spot in Waitsfield for awesome coffee, pastries and food.  Damn good!

Then we got ready and headed off for Perry Hill Trails.  We rode up the huge frickin hill to the top of Joe's trail, then descended it, crazy stuff.  Some beyond me for sure.  Then back up to Burning Spear and down to Rastaman then down Rastaman and back to the car for 10 hard miles.

Will link to the ride HERE later.

Back to town starving. We hit the brewer by Prohibition Pig and had awesome taco's then rolled out.  We ended up finding out about a demo of Yeti at Saxon Hill trail.  We rolled onto that after a quick stop at the house.  Hit that at a bit before 5.  Tons of people.  Took out a SUPER SWEET Yeti 5.5c  X01 setup.  BAD ASS bike, but damn $7k!!!!

Saxon Hills was generally more buff singletrack though there were some big ride features up at the far end.  Rode tons of crazy stuff on the bike with no issue where my HT wouldn't.  It was super plush and pedaled almost like a hardtail once my legs warmed back up.  The way back was super flowy and twisty and a riot.  Tons of boardwalks.  Even some crazy skinny and turning ones.  Just blasted it out.

And we were DONE.  Time for dinner.  We drove back over to Mad River area and up a CRAZY mountain to hit Mad River Barn.  Good food and awesome beer.  Still think we were both food defecited from no dinner the previous night.

Rolled back to the pad and waited for Teresa to show up.  She got in around 10:30 and we chatted till 1230 and planned to shuttle the next day at Tucker Hill just outside Waitsfield.

T rented a Yeti 4.5c from the local shop and up we went we drove my car to the top as it had the rack.  Then the adventure began with another 500 feet of climbing.  Then more on and off climbing.  We ended up back in a HUGE syrup collection field and apparently rode some abandoned/closed trail.   Ooops.  Finally got onto the fire road and finished down cyclone.  1800 feet of descending and 1100 climbing on a shuttled ride is still pretty epic.  I think like 10 miles again.

Ride Linked Here.

Off to Prohobition Pig for an amazing dinner and more beer buying.

More Later.

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