Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Australia - 2 - The Entry

I'm back in Australia, again left town at the end of last week and well I'll be here till late October.   

I'm bummed to be missing fall though it seems like it's staying rainy so far so the weather isn't awesome.

In Sydney it's early spring with again lots of rain in forecast and generally cool at 50 to 70'ish degrees most days. 

Got in at 715AM local time in Sydney and was able to drop my gear at the Hotel at 830.  I traveled back into the CBD and wandered a lot of my old haunts from my previous trip going down to Chinatown and then out thru a lot of Darling Harbor.   Did my regular visit to the Chinese Gardens, it was very different in Spring versus when I visited it in the fall on my first day in 2017.   Finally had brunch at Taste around 11AM.  Soo good, ended up talking to the bar staff lady about beer places and got a few recommendations and had 2 beers.    Then ended up making a failed decision check and ended up getting another beer at the Pumphouse.  OOOPS.  Oh well.   Wandered my way back thru town and stuff was opening up a bit more finally getting to my hotel to checking at 2:15PM. 

After unpacking I crapped out intending to only NAP but stayed in bed till about 3AM when I woke up near 10 hours later.  I read and did a bit more napping till I rolled out at 730 to the office.  Had an awesome breakfast at Bunker in North Sydney and then boom work.  Got Destination Roll on for lunch, hell yah.  Dinner I was Rag and Famish for a Guiness Beef Pie, Chips and a Akasha Freshwater IPA.  Slept out till 4 or 5 then next morning.  Fell back asleep at 630 till 830.  OOPS.

After waking back up late I rushed in and had a busy morning at office getting access and such sorted finally.  Got lunch with a coworker and it was all good.  Then  it was time for my first visit to one of my favorite bars:  The SG (Spooning Goats) - The star wars bar.

The SG was having it's monthly event of William Shakespeares Star Wars.  This time it was Act 1 of The Jedi doth Return.  It was hillarious, eventually I'm going to upload and link a short clip to the youtube's here.  Drank wayyyyyyy to much beer.  2 IPA's and 1 stout. 

Hit up my favorite burger bar in the CBD after Grill'd for a most excellent Wagyu Truffle burger.  Hell yah!

Also did my first run, across the Sydney Harbor Bridge was bummed I didn't bring phone so I missed a couple awesome photo's of the moonrise.  It was HUGE! 

Wednesday - No idea may run if the rain stays away again. 

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