Thursday, June 07, 2018

Week 22 - A bit of a "plateau", called b33r.

Week 22 - A bit of a "plateau" week.  Lots of bad behavior end of last week.

Too much b33r.  Though it wasn't like I got S-Faced in a major way it's just been a beer or two a night on weeknights and 2 or 3 a day on the weekend.  Probably 10-11 beer week last week where I really want to be a 7-8.  Then add in a TAD bit of eating not awesome and not being as active as normal in riding and no running last week.  So I stayed off the scale till today after some more recent penance on Monday and Yesterday.  204.8.  Not bad.  Now though I am going to re-focus and start trying to move to the next goal of 200. 

200 is doable.  If I can float 197-203 I will be happy as a...Clown? 

Anyways a busy few weeks ahead.

Trailwork at WF this saturday.
Training Class All Next Week
Possible Travel 15-17th.
Product Work 18-22st.
Family Reunion the 23rd
Friends Housewarming the night of the 23rd
Dallas the 25th-26th. 

Then things calm down a little bit. 

Can the CAPS do it tonight.  I think so!  GO CAPS!  Regardless we better win this series!

Awesome weather this week was the payoff for all the rain, lows in the 50's and 60's and barely hitting the 80's so far this week!  It's awesome!

Saw Kit for Trimming...friends trees is almost RTG.
Saw  - Stihl 261cm
Boots - Redwing Loggers 9" Steel Toe
Chaps - Husqvarna - Technical Apron (Meets 1897 which now satisifies non fireline FS 6170-4G (2016 Rev).
Gloves - Stihl Promark Leather
Helmet - Stihl Promark w/faceshield and hearing protection.
Wedges - 3
Trauma Kit - Yep w/Israeli Bandage.
Pack - Dakine Builder 40L
Bottles - Yep 16 or 32oz for Fuel Mix, 8 Oz for Bar Oil. 
Axe/hammer - TBD, may have dad bring up my family hatchet.

32 Hours of Activity in Strava in May.  So far 119 Activites and 1340'ish miles for the year. 

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