Monday, July 07, 2008

WatW Week 2 Results

Final Results - 24th Place at 42:45. Not bad and boy their were 18 more racers and the times/competition really improved over the first week, that time would have been 12th place. Vs this week, 12th place was at 38:50. Eeesh.

This week if we can race, I'm going to try for a 40'ish finish. We'll see if that happens, my rain danger sense is going off very firmly right now.

Went hiking up at Sugarloaf Mtn sunday and it was neat, though the wyf twisted her ankle and is angry due to having to take it easy for this week.

We hit the vineyard just below the mountain and they have some great wines to taste for $3. Also some very posh goat's cheeses from a local shop in Boyd's MD.

Also apparently you can ride the yellow trail at Sugarloaf during the summer, during the weekdays, so I may go hit that next monday.

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