Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WoW - Week 2, Race 1 for Moi

Well today I did my first race, Wednesday at Wakefield Race 2. It was a lot of fun, and its a damn hammer fest. I felt like I had a good first showing, adn by my cyclocomp I finished in around 44 minutes for 2 laps of 3.8 miles for a total of 7.4 miles. But boy was I plastered, a third lap would have been the end of it. A 22 minute average for me is damn nice.

Based on last week I'd have been in 14th or so place and just 1 place out of receiving a point for the series, not enough to win, but still respectable. I suspect this week it will be harder. I certainly wasn't last, and thats good enough really in my book, though I now have a CRAZY urge to race again next week. We'll see. My placement doesn't have a lot to due with it, more just time and finances, I'll definitely try for the final.

I felt like I could have been stronger and with a bit more agressive attack I might have been able to cut maybe a minute or two off and finish a few spots better. I think only 3 single speeders passed me. Gotta carb load a bit better the night before, I don't think I had enough in my for optimal fuel in the tank.

Well off to the showers.
Cheers to all the other racers out there.


DaveG said...

Nice job! During races I'm always asking myself; why am I doing this? It's only after the race is finished that I really enjoy it.

Rob said...

I didn't actually have time for that during the race, too short I guess. I did have some definite and annoying pre-race jitters. It was REALLY annoying, I was surprised how wound up it made me.

Now my competitive streak is egging me on to hit next week and try and push harder.

And this is before the results come out.

Now for a beer to calm my inner idiot.