Monday, March 16, 2009

Beer Entertainment

I was listening to 98 rock on the way home from a meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator from MCParks. And I heard what I thought was a comedy bit they sometimes play, but alas it was just a commercial from America's Favorite Brew-lords.

Anheuser Busch....New Budweiser about the new butt-weiser specific glass so as maximize flavor, head, etc. They especially mention the "Natural" carbonation in budweiser. HAHAHAHAHAH. I was laughing my head off in the car.

I picked up a 4 pack of Sam Adams Imperial Style Doublebock. I tried a taste there along with the Imperial stout and a few other of theirs. I liked this one the best. Just had one now with dinner and it was really nice and malty. Good hop balance to clear the palate afterwards. I liked it better colder than on the warm end, went well with my dessert, cheapo brownie pieces.


Blue-eyed Devil said...

There's irony for ya; Sam Adams was the first (of the two, at least) to come out with a special beer drinking glass.

I don't even know where to begin with the criticism of all the flummery in that ad, ha.

A good beer doesn't need a fancy glass to enhance its flavor.

Rob said...

Hear Hear! I"m going home and gonna have a few in entirely inappropriate plastic cups I believe.

Any thoughts on when you plan to head up to MA?

Blue-eyed Devil said...

That's fancy glass, my boy. Plastic doesn't cut it!

Thinking maybe on the 24th; checking out rental van prices now.