Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lots of new beers tried lately including

471 IPA - A nice hop load but a hair to bitter for enjoyment.

Steve R at WFTNR hooked a brother up with an AWESome beer
Erdinger Octoberfest HefeWeisen - A super awesome Hefe that is smooth as hell and stronger than usual. Very minor yeast character.

Chunk also had his IPA out and it was super smooth. Very drinkable with nice fruity hop nose.

New Holland brewing The Poet - Nice and smooth and rich but it had an odd odor. Maybe it was a bit skunked...Nice otherwise

I just had another Punk DFH and I actually REALLY liked it this time.

Tommorow I shall brew Snow Day Pale Ale. :) I'm REALLY tempted to melt down some snow for a bit of the water base. :P


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Absent any details to the contrary, I"m left to believe that the Snow Day Pale Ale is in preparation for this, right?

Rob said...

As in like do bears shit in the woods??? Damn right I want to do this. Trying to find out about getting the time off, should have a go/no go next week I hope.

Can someone say Beer-Wagon Pool?