Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Normalcy is not an Option

Things are in a semi-state of Normalcy right now, work has calmed a bit versus the last 3 weeks of 60-70 hour work weeks, I might only hit 55 hours this week on 6 days.

I got out for my first extra ride of the week last night at Wakefield and we got soaked by a very brief thunder storm. My bike was super muddy by the end. Spent 30 minutes cleaning it off last night after the drive home. It had dried up enough to be able to wipe most of the crud off. Still need to clean the chain fully though, gotta find where I stashed the degreazer.

New bike on order also finally. Moving up to Big Wheels (tm).

Just kidding but it is a big wheel bike (29'r) the new 2011 Trek Paragon by Gary Fisher. Not sure that I really care about the ending of the official brand of Gary Fisher and it now being a line of bikes for trek. Thats really how I've seen it for the last 2 years as tech from one has been very obvious in the other, especially 2010.

2011 Trek/GF Paragon

Upgrading the Cassette, Cranks and Chain will be the first things. Along with probably the stem and maybe the bars. Also it will start off being tubeless. Not sure on the 29-2 tires, I really think I may go with the XDX up front to start with, as I've had excellent luck/life out of the one on my Giant. The 10spd rear mech is also a bit of a question. When I do upgrade I will probably go 24-34 upfront and drop the 44T ring for a bashguard. Though I'll keep a spare 44 for those days when you want to mount a BIG GEAR!

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