Monday, June 28, 2010

Riding in Hell

DAMN it's stupid hot here in the capital.

Thursday I eecked out another 14 miles and Sunday I went nuts and pulled my first sucessful double of FH without cramping/dieing for a final 16 miles, putting me at around 45 for last week. Not shabby. Still not commuting to work much but reports are out that the heat is going to start relaxing in the next day or two!

SO hot on sunday the first lap the heat was miserable. The 2nd it was less noticable it felt probably because I was soaking at that point. Even a fall didn't bother me. Made it up a couple good hills and in both laps I never got passed and passed a few people. Moving times on the first lap was 1:05 and 2nd was 1:10. Not super fast but getting faster. week after this my goal is to move to 3 laps at FH.

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