Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another TrailWork Done

Had a big project yesterday with a rather burly re-route of the CJ trail entrance off Democracy. Should have some pictures soon. But it was a lot of work and I only had 4 others show up versus the original 16 that became 10 that were supposed to be there.

The bigger brush/old logs were supposed to have been pre-cleared by the parks dept but weren't so that took a lot of wrestling, cutting and extra work.
Also we didn't have a ton of hill to work with and so we had to build some water bars and hauling those big rocks down and up the hill sucked. Also hauling tools sucked, may try and get a bob trailer eventually. Turned out pretty well but the exit to the bridge will require more work in the spring I suspect and there is a lot more reclaiming work to be done on the old trail. I stayed after the group left and planted a tree and bermed up the top so water hopefully won't run down the trail. We'll see. I may take a weekday off and go work on it in a few weeks. Riders like it in some ways, others missed the fun old descent. Shades of Fountain hell.

Photo's by Neil of Trailwork

Today is my first non-riding Sunday but the flesh is simply too sore for doing something llke the EF figure 8 of hate. Maybe I'll go look for a digital camera today. I'm tired of not having my own photo's.

Had an awesome german hefe with dinner last night. Review to come!

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