Monday, November 15, 2010

What a week

The last week's weather has been just on the high side of un-seasonably warm. And very very nice, caping out yesterday with near 70 at Laurel Hill.

I did 24 and change on the GPS. My calculations show there that it's only about 10% lossy on those trails, so about 26 miles. 2 Very nice 11 mile laps. Though on the last lap near the end I did a section of dairy farm trail loop I hadn't done in a while and got whacked by a damn thorn bush. 4 or 5 nice scratches. It's on my list for death now. Then in a fit of brilliance I decided to check out the overlook trail. Worse, tons of thorns and brambles and almost go through one face first. The pipeline work kept me from riding fully out to the overlook so I dismounted and walked over. Neat view, got a few camera phone pictures, we'll see how they turned out tonight.

On the way back I dropped the bike off for a service/checkup and Jay at TBL burke was all over me for not having both the front and rear skewers not tightened enough. Oops and that the rear wheel cups were loose, and I hadn't brought it in. Only needs a rebuild due to contamination. Also finally picked up a new 2.25 Ardent to swap on to replace the bulging AC-X junker in the rear. Should be done today but I dunno if I'm going to head out. Tuesday we are supposedly getting rain also. UGh. Depends on when I get done with work. Shit though I didn't charge the batteries so I don't think I'll be night riding tonight. ahhh well. While looking at stuff yesterday I also realized I'm right around 350 or so miles on the new bike in 2 months. Thats about half a years worth of riding or so normally.

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