Monday, November 01, 2010

Rosey get your Guns

Went to Rosaryville and road with Pete and Sean on Sunday turning in 3.6 laps (1/3 lap then turned around). It was a ton of riding for me and on 2 of the laps we were pushing pretty hard, but due to flubs with start/stop on the garmin I didn't log the full laps. Only my third lap was fully logged and I was already half cooked on it, and still turned in a 63 minute lap with stopping for walkers/other riders and talking to a few of them.

Strange day weather wise, i ended up being WAY overdressed and was cooking half way thru the first lap and ended up just wearing my jersey, having removed my vest and fleece. It's always weird to see STEAM coming off you.

Was cooked after all that and had a few nice cramps in the afternoon/evening.

Weathers looking crap-tacular for Thursday so I'm planning on hitting WF on Tuesday. With 35'ish yesterday I'm right around 200 or so for the month of October. Pretty frickin epic for me. I know some guys out there are turning that in a week or weekend, but for a guy who previously had been lucky to lock 60-80 a month that's a ton.

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