Monday, January 03, 2011

Kumbaya Greenbriar

And a climbing we went. 1500 ft worth almost in an hour and a half in 9 miles.. To put that into perspective.

WF in 14 miles I log about 800 FT.
Santos Trail in Fl about 14 miles for 500 ft.
Fountain Head about 16 miles for 2100 ft. (2 laps)

It was a good group of 9 other guys out enjoying a damn nice day to ride. Got some great shots out over the lake. One of em almost looks painted. I'll get em up soon. Warm temps even saw 47 on top of one of the ridge lines. A few nice descents and 2 tough climbs. I would like to try red again without wet leaves, still dunno if I would make it. Don't have a clue how the Single Speeders make it up the damn thing.

On the down side it seems my RD is out of adjustment as a few times while shifting to super granny it went right past the last cog and into the damn spokes. GRR. So out comes the bike stand after I clean it up tonight. Try and adjust it back myself before taking it to the TBL.

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