Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sun to Snow to Sun to Snow

That's the pattern this time of year, Tuesday last week (1/31) we had a high of 68 degrees. I rode in shorts and a shirt up until after dark, when I added a tech layer under the shirt. (Accotink and Wakefield).

Thursday it felt cold and I rode in mod weight winter gear on the CCT.

Sunday I rode the shed again. In the snow. In heavier winter gear but was a bit warm. It was pretty wet and most trails were not snow covered directly. We did Salamander to the Overlook then ridge and then ended up going all the way down Vandal to near the res. The climb up sucked. Sucked. Sucked. Or rather I sucked. Back up we went eventually I caught the main slower group and a few of us did Kinks back to the Sandflats lot. It was pretty good and I cleared most of it, skipping 2 sections.

Afterwards we enjoyed excellent homemade salsa and chips and PLB's. HeBrew's RIPA is pretty damn good. MAD Elf is still nyquil. Skipped super bowl as I was tired and I was actually in bed and sleeping by 10 I think.

Last night was J's birthday so I got no riding in, instead I'm hoping to get in another Snow Ride here in the lowlands of VA today. 1-2 inches. Yesterday it was 55 and felt closer to 65 in the sun, had my windows down in the car even!

Maybe some sledding if I can find a hill with enough snow!

Of course it's going to melt overnight/during Thursday so that means no snow/trail riding yet again for Wakefield Thursday Night. GRR.

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