Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Party - Survived.

The MORE 2012 Winter Party was survived by all attendee's/participants/etc.

I was WAY late to the setup due to unfortunate issues with a big frickin screw in my rear passenger tire. I did help re-allign the tables so that row 4 didn't have room to drive a car in anymore and row 2 would have to sit on row 1 and 3's laps. IE. Row 1 had 4 paces from wall to far side of the chairs. Row/Table 2 had 2. Row 3 had 3. Row 4 had 7 paces of width.

Tons of food, I saw several people make it out with 5lbs of mixed brisket, chicken and potatoes.

Band was awesome.

20 Year Video - MORE Than Enough: 20 years of the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts.

MC wasn't very drunk till the near end.

Links to come to vid's and pictures.

Gave away my grand prize of ride leading to of all people Larry.
Quarterly winners were Debbie, Eric C, Joel K, and Debbie (Again).
Big cheers to all my leaders who get their paperwork in. Big shaking of finger at several who epic fail including JoeP (who gets a partial pass for organizing the winter party), Eric B, Pat M, Anne M, and a few others. GET YOUR WAIVERS IN!

Big thanks to our Beer Sponsor, Sierra Nevada for providing 2 kegs.

Now I'm going to process the first 2 months of 2012 ride entries.

Sunday I got to ride 3 cx bikes, the cross check was my favorite, the CDale AL bike wasn't terrible. The giant kinda blew, bad components, and the 58 left me feeling WAY stretched out. Looking to try a cross check in 58 and try some more bikes before making a decision. Not getting into cross racing, this is more for mixed surface rides/etc.

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