Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday Sucks. Honestly.

Mother nature has made the Thursday Night Ride her B@#$@. Another night not on trails this week and last week was also. Next week isn't looking spiffy with rain/snow coming in again next Tuesday. This earns a giant WTF.

So we did the CCT south last night, but it was a comedy of issues. Dead Lights, Flat Tires, Group Drops, just to name a few. OH and REALLY wet low water crossings. ON the way out once you get past 7100 you have like 5 or 6 low water crossings. 5 were not that bad, if you rode slow you didn't get wet. Last one was a BIT DEEPER. As in about 6 inches deeper. Almost to my bottom bracket deep. AS in soaked my lakes almost. UGh. On the way back I wimped and used the steps carrying my bike, but my socks were already soaked. Wool is awesome as it did manage to stay mostly warm till the end. Damn things are still wet on the drying rack this morning. After that I gate up on staying mostly dry and did the 5 other crossings getting from wet to damn wet. 21 Miles I believe someone said, my gps had 20 so that makes sense.

Michaux on Sunday if I can get up on time. Jen's having a birthday party Saturday evening. We'll see how it goes. Might have a bit of snow on the ground. Won't be hugely disappointed if it gets rescheduled somewhat honestly. Next week I may run a lead ride at LH. Or maybe I'll try and hit Fairland.

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