Saturday, October 13, 2012

Failure abounds

Last night I've come close to declaring my batch of Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout a complete failure.  I tried a bottle finally but to say it tasted like shit may be generous.  Smelled okay but wow the peanuts just gave it a slightly off/green taste and it's ongoing effervescence bothers the hell out of me.

So on top of that not only do the O's fail and fall to the evil empire of baseball, the Nat's have a choke of epic proportion.  Almost Redskinian.  Maybe Dan Snyder should buy the Nats and the Whizz-ards and make a sweep of it....OH thats right what about the NHL?  I have serious doubts about an NHL season happening.  Even at half a season it's a failure.  BAH.

And now I'm betting my smoked porter thats in the fermenter has failed while I'm at it.  I don't entirely trust bucket fermenting at this point, using glass I never had problems with fermentation.  UGH.

Got a good run in last night but ran weird at first and apparently messed up my middle back again.  Sigh.  Last night and today on the heating pad is helping.

FunkMnkyz show was a semi-bust.  The space was so small the band was doing 2 and 3 man short sets and letting friends bands play.  Plus a late start, I had to leave at midnight since I turn back into Slob Rob then and had to work this morning.  Getting up wasn't as bad as I feared.

Tonight it's the parents and hopefully some better live music action.

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