Friday, October 05, 2012

Well not an epic week for the bike this last week between rain and lazyness.  Got a short 18 miler in last Sunday around the hood.  The week till Thursday was shot due to rain and other factors.  Thursday I got in a pretty good ride probably another 18 miles total.  With today's ride to work and back I should hit 50'ish miles.  Saturday will be an off day, then Sunday I'm seeing about joining a group up at the Shed if it isn't too we, but right now my attendance on that is running about 50% if it is a 9AM start. 

Monday I'm taking the day off and going biking with JS up and around Sugarloaf Mtn.  Planning a 40 to 50 ride.  Found some different loops on RidewithGPS.  I will say I do like the searching interface better than Connect. 

Forgot my gloves for the ride into work.  My hands were almost claws by the time I got to work.  Did ride it in sub 18 minutes moving time.  Not bad for no warmup 4.5 miles.  Won't be that fast on the way back.  Gotta decide if I am running today or not and how far if I am.  Honestly I just wanna take a nap. 

Picked up a 6 of Peg Leg Stout last night.  Damn good.

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