Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Up and down the EC

Busy weekend for a slightly long one.  Worked late on Saturday, slept like crap.  Missed Sunday ride at the Shjed.  Did make a kick ass breakfast on Sunday to make up for not riding.  Nothing like pancakes with chocolate chips and sausage to make things better.  Especially Maple Sausage.  Sunday afternoon I spent some time running bike related errands for odds and I needed and J needed.  Ended up picking up a Cygolight 400 for her for 90 bucks for night road rides out west and once she gets regularly back here.

Then it was up to MD.  Hung out up there with J for the afternoon/evening watching TV and relaxed, we did go out and get J some new fully finger slightly warmer gloves and she got another pair of shorts and some more, ROAD specific shoes....But we will see. 

And on Monday morning we woke up to on and off rain especially up on the northside where we were planning on riding around near Poolesville.  Ugh.  So after getting a late start we ended up heading into VA and riding the WO&D inwards from Spokes down to the Airport. On the way down we saw Larry and Ernie on their way back from a Hills of Arlington/Airport Loop ride.  Shot the shit for a few minutes and went on. 

14 miles from Spokes down to where the Mt Vernon meets Four Mile Run at DCA.  From there we went north up to the Custis and took that back to E. Falls Church then the WO&D back to Vienna.  We then finally hit Panera for some hot food and back to MD.  A quick powernap was in order and then it was Dinner, Fringe and more TV till 10'ish. 

In today's other fun news I see ole Jerry's got 30 to 60.  This one is for you Jerry.

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