Friday, January 10, 2014


The title says it all.  For those not familiar with this specific internet meme go google Rage Man.  It's basically a comic thing alternate for screaming FUCK! FUCKITY FUCKING FUCKSOCKS!  Etc.

For example:
I feel that way every time I play guitar hero and occasionally in Rocksmith when I've advanced difficulty on a song a hair to fast.  Nothing like jumping from 50 to 80/90 percent difficulty and going from a few notes/etc to a full ripping chord-age and change ups.

Last night was one of those nights for Mountain Biking.  I got back to the lot post ride and was removing gear and realized.  Yes I am an idiot.  I had taken off my glasses at some point and put them in a pocket.   And then didn't zip up said @#$@ing pocket. 


I went and checked 2 easy places where I thought they might have fallen out.  No dice.  I may go back after work and re-check.    Back in the day they were Oakley Jawbones, now they are named Race Jackets.  Admittedly I did get them for about half price after trading in a non-usable christmas gift.  And they were about 4 years old.  But I had just put a new set of Ruby Red night riding lens in that I REALLY like right before Christmas.   FFFFFUUUU!!!!

Debating a pair of Smith Optics V2 or maybe some Tifosi.  I may also go out and look more tonight.  Ugh.

Hoping to get in a good ride on Sunday 40 or 50 miles.  Should be right about 50 degrees. 

Would have liked to ride in but my sidewalk was completely iced and the parking lots I've seen were a mixed bag.  Until I can justify/afford studded cx tires it just ain't gonna happen  in icy conditions.

Commute by bike to work Goal - 2x - Complete FAILURE.  Sub Zero Wins - Flawless Victory. 

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