Friday, January 17, 2014

Back in the Saddle. But someone isn't happy.

Just shy of 70 miles for the week as of last night and with today's commute I'll add another 15 on top of that and right now there is an option on Sunday to slap on another 40 or 50 miles with some Serious climbing. 

But in the WIN category I logged 3 commutes this week, making up partially for last weeks epic failure.   Hopefully another 3 next week and I'll feel....caught up.  Todays ride will mark #11 of day 17 so I'm a bit off pace.  Might do a REALLY short run tomorrow.  Or it might be an off day.

Did get into a discussion with someone about how I actually count my commute rides towards my total.  His point was is my ride in and ride out are generally 9 or more hours apart and it's really more of two rides, not just the one I log.  For now I'm leaving it as one ride. 

My posterior is displeased with this surge in riding this week after immatating a lump the last few weeks really.  Sure I've done some riding but things were slow.  I've joined the Strava PROVE IT challenge to get motivated. 

The pre-innaugural Plan B - F Variant Ride went pretty well last night.  We headed out from Wakefield directly up the CCT towards Fairfax.  Our first stop was Hacienda El Paso, since L-Dog wasn't along I opted against the PJ Skadoo's stop option.  One person had a Margarita and turned in his Man Card.  The rest went with beer (3 of us total).  We then motored up to Vienna and tried to go to WF but were thwarted twice over, they were waiting for Pint Glasses to finish washing and last call from food was now 8 instead of 8:30.  Sad face.  So off to Vienna Inn for a beer and Chili Cheese Dogs.  We then rolled out for Lost Dog Cafe in Dunn Loring.  A minor glove loss issue slowed us briefly but we made our way south rapidly after riding the WOD East.  A final beer was consumed before the long ride back to WF (6.6 miles).  We ended up back at the cars a bit after 10:15 or so.  A damn good ride.  In nicer weather with an earlier start I could see a couple variant routes involving

PJ's/Lost Dog/Mad Fox/Sweetwater or Hooter's, PJ's, Westover/spacebar/etc.   Lots of possibilities. 

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