Thursday, January 02, 2014

Uh 2014.

2013 was a good year for me activity wise.  I WAY surpassed my A180 goal by hitting 219 activities between biking, running, hiking, etc.  I'm really happy.  Hell I'm down to near where I can drop to size 32 pants.  34's are loose. 

So it's Goal Time 2014.  I'm setting a few goals including
1st  - Ride to Work at LEAST 2x per week.  I rode 41 times that I have logged from April thru Dec.  Ugh thats like 1x per week.
2nd - No Dead Weeks - IE no full weeks of doing Jack Shit unless I'm well and truly dead and there's 3 feet of snow. 
3rd - Activity Goal - 250 versus 180. 
4th - 25 Minute Commute to Work.  Probably have to wait till spring and full roadbike weather but this should be doable.  I've cracked 27 on the CX Bike.  And I think I can do better. 
5th - 8 Minute Mile on runs 5 miles or less.
6th - Half Marathon.  Fuck Me.
7th - Spartan Race or Tough Mudder again.  Fuck me 2x.

Got a few new video game addictions going also.  The main one is RockSmith 2014.  Lots of fun and challenge.  I'm REALLY getting challenged right now on the 1st song I'm trying to master of Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones.  It's fast as hell and my natural coordination is SHIT.  I'm putting an hour in on it at least most days.  Trying to rebuild calluses so I can play a bit more.  All the subgames in the game are fun.  Starts out about as hard as Guitar Hero/etc, but rapidly progresses to learning chords/etc. 

Also need some new picks, my thin one is WAY to easy to bend. 

The other game of doom?

Starbound.  It's addictive as hell.  It's in open Beta for $15 bucks you get beta access and download when it releases.  Really slick.  My roommate has probably put in 24+ hours in the last 5 days I estimate. 

Slop ride on deck for tonight as I expect the Wakefield trails to be too damn soft today, after no freeze last night and rain and funk on the way tonight.

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