Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Whooooa. Whats a blog

What is this blog thing???  I do see where I've started a few drafts since November but none of them were completed and I certainly don't think they are worth the effort of trying to rebuild the mental place.

Regardless lets move forward with the now.

I'm on the 21st day of April right now and on day 24 of riding straight.  Tons of riding done.  And it's been good.  This morning was the first day I've had REAL soreness and I think my legs might been a bit locked last night.  But a bit of riding to coffee meetup at Cafe Amouri in Vienna and I was fine.

Iced Coffee rules.  I can see a semi-soda free future somewhere out there.  I've pretty much been a soda a day (or more) guy forever.  Never was much of a coffee fan growing up.  Only really started trying better coffee this last year or so at places like Wake N Bake and a few others on DC Coffee ride's with Mr.Pete.

CA has converted me.  Tried their Iced Coffee this morning. Damn good even though I added too much splenda.  1 Packet next time.  Or maybe real sugar.  A dash of skim milk.  Yah!  No headaches so far today from withdrawl.  Energy has been good.  Getting off soda for the "most" part would be a huge health hurdle for me.  I KNOW it's bad but damn.  I'm usually wanting something cold to drink.  Researching cold brew coffee and such.

Last week was my biggest ride week in a while 126 miles.  Which for me is HUGE.  This April will be my biggest month since last May when I hit near 400 miles.    Not sure I'm gonna quite hit that mark this month, but I'm gonna keep chasing.  Only 1 day of trainer riding in the 24 so far.  Maybe 1 day more I'll end up in hell this month.  Bike commuting is slowly picking up for me and by May I hope to be steady at 2 days a week at least.  Also working from home very occasionally.

Last week with a full bag in each direction I did my fastest commute since December 2013.

2014 in retrospect became a weird year between my injury and a semi-lack of motivation.

Doing Phoenix Derby on May 2nd.  Still haven't decided on Michaux Maximus the next day.  But with doing the Team 4x additionally I'm leaning towards not racing it sadly.  Honestly since it's also not on our team event list that reduces it further.

Riding wise I've really been mixing up MTB and Road with a bit of CX.  My mtb riding has improved as in general I feel faster and fitter and didn't die on the QC 2 weeks ago.   Would do a longer MTB ride this weekend but with rain on Saturday I'm thinking CX on Sunday or maybe another good long roadie. Might try and push a 60/70 if I go road.  Who knows.

Who knows.  Who Cares.  Get out and ride your bike.  Freedom.........

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