Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Over?

#30daysofbiking is over?  Damn where did April go?

For me due to not planning on doing this meta-event I started a tad early so right now before I've finished for the day with possibly 2 more total events it feels odd, to consider I might not ride my bike tomorrow.  My streak currently stands at

33 Days in a Row.
40+ Hours in 33 days.  (I had a few issues where i forgot to restart GPS)
450+ Miles
38 Rides.

My short days typically were pretty quick 5 mile rides around the hood.  Not too many long rides yet this year I think I topped out in the high 40's.  Gotta push on THAT soon.  In fact might go BAT SHIT crazy and try Skyline drive Sunday.  As I said....batshit...

But at first when I was early in the streak, riding another 21 days straight seemed almost crazy.  But it wasn't.  It was mostly fun.  Minus the flat tire in the rain.  And destroying the rear half of my new CX bike's drivetrain.  

My new goal for May #31daysofsomething ie - Get Out and do SOMETHING for 31 days.  Bike.  Run.  Hike.  Trail work.  Yard work.  Circuits on the Nottoway Park fitness course.

I can tell my bike fitness has improved, especially since say February.  I'm riding better, easier and a bit stronger.  Now I want to build towards centuries and serious back roads rides.  I admit I'm a bit curious about how skyline may feel.  And terrified.  We shall see.

Racing on Saturday at Crystal City Phoenix Derby.  2 sets.  Solo obstacle Course at 3Pm and Team 4x at 4:30.  Might go nuts and do some trail work in the AM.  Very light TW.

Coffee replacement program is working VERY well so far.  Down to 2 soda's in the last 7 days.

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