Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer is coming.

Today we may actually hit 90 or more here in the DC area.  It's clear summer is coming, we've been mid-80's all week.  Though after today we should have some more mild day's in the 70's.

Been killing it on the bike. 126 mile last week even with 2 days "sorta" off.  Well Monday last week was my first non-ride day in like 36 days.  Legs needed it for sure.  Wednesday was unplanned off day due to meetings running me for near 14 hours that day.  So I rode 2x on Thursday.  Snuck in an awesome 20 miler in the AM then did 14 or so at Wakefield on the TNR.

Saturday was an epic'ish MTB ride for me with Maureen.  We did 25 miles in 3 hours rolling time of the SRT and Schaeffer.  Though by the end in SF I was suffering/tiring a bit.

Sunday I slept in then did a 45 mile ride to National Harbor and back.  Felt awesome.  Almost did an extra 20 but wanted to get some other stuff done.

Did maintenance on the Roadie.  Need to pick up a new dust seal for driveside of the FSA cranks sometime.  Adjusted rear-D successfully to much more smooth shifting/running.  Cleaned and lubed the seat post to prevent more seat post horror stories.  Also did a heavy clean/lube on the chain/rings/etc.  Though soon it will be time to replace the chain again.  Nearing .75 wear.  As a big dude I think I'm just hard on chains in my given riding style and history of failed chains.  I've broken a LOT of chains.  Capping with a double break last summer in Accotink at the Nova Epic and a third break as I escaped.  Then a very gentle ride home.

The break/failed chain pin on Ichigo 2 weeks ago causing the derailleur to be ripped off the hanger was the near end of my tolerance.  Going to make a real effort to monitor stretch, use, and such.  Also reminded me of why I hate Shimano chains and need to add a chain tool to my road kit.

Busy as hell the next 3 weekends at least between events and rides.  But that's good.

Now if only I could motivate myself to run some.

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