Monday, June 08, 2015

Running is a bad idea

Run, Running, 5k, 10k.

It's all a bad idea.  Especially if any of these items are on the list:

  1. Haven't done any training runs in 3 months or really any running.
  2. 4 Hours of Trailwork the day before
  3. Planning to help someone move an hour or two after a run/race
  4. A 5k Run =  a 5K Race.  duh
  5. You can't help but pushing to a comfortable pace
  6. You PR 3 times on a run with item 1 in effect
  7. You forget to take advil after the run
  8. Your heart rate spiked over your maximum
  9. Running when your really a cyclist
  10. You wimped out and walked for 3 minutes during the race instead of HTFU

Well so here's the deal.  I agreed/wanted to help a BikenetiCX teammate who had heart surgery to support the group who did the work as it is now something addressed typically in kids, not adults.

5K - Big Whoop, I've finished a Tough Mudder - 13 MILES.  Sure I didn't train at ALL for this but it's like 5K, I'll take it easy.

Nope 28:18 for 3.1 miles.  3 PR's and if I had not walked a few spots I could have finished down in the 25's.  I was 97th  but 9th in my age group.  At 25 I would have only been in the 50's overall and 7th in age group. Oh well.  Fastest guy did it in less than 18 mins.  Oy. 1M

Legs are wicked sore.  I need to jog occasionally.  1x per week even 2-3 miles.  Oh well.

CX bike is back home and in rolling shape finally since Friday.  Got a 10 miler in Friday.  Might try and get a late ride in tonight to try and spin out legs so I can ride to work tomorrow.

On the flip side the road bike blew a spoke last week on the way home (1/10th of a mile out) and it's now taking a break after a month and change of relative high mileage.  But it really needs a new BB and possibly a new crankset.  le Sigh.

Hoping to get back into commuting and some mileage building this week.  Going to set a goal of 120.  Huzzah!

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Tomas Jon said...

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