Monday, June 15, 2015

A week after, A Year After, 5 Years and Friendship

Well a week after the run of doom, I'm glad to report by Friday I was back to full normal.  Thursday the legs were 90% better, enough that I dropped a TON of people on the Accotink section of TNR.  Ooops.

Did an awesome ride on Sunday and went from Falls Church to Potomac to Bethesda to Georgetown and back to FC.  42 Miles with some nice hills and some pushing of pace.  I'm crap at pace lining and couldn't hold onto the fast group so I took a tad easier and hung back with the girls up until Bethesda.  I'm still not comfortable blasting descents at 35+ mph either, but slowly improving my confidence.

Helped my roommate of 5 years move out to his new place he's sharing with his girl.  Weird to have 2 new roommates in less than 6 months.  But I'm stoked he and the SLF are doing as well as they are.  Moved tons of stuff and felt it in my back a bit again today.  Not lifting with my legs....naughty naughty.  Beyond my ex-wife and one other friend who I'm still in with, he'll be one of my longest friends and he'll always be one.  

We grilled out and watched GoT S5 finale last night.  Damn.  Still processing that for sure.  May need to re-watch it.  Felt bad for Cersi for maybe the 2nd/3rd time.  Reminded myself why humanity sorta sucks.  Then watched the Silicon Valley S2 finale and that was crazy.   Think I had server fire meets white walker dreams.

Last time this year my x-roomie and I talked about where we wanted to be in the next year and we've both definitely changed a few things.  Both of us changed positions in our org.  Both of us are doing better financially.  He's got a sirius SLF.  I'm still basically enjoying being single in many ways with a complete lack of general responsibility to another human.  I'm a bit less involved in the bike club but have idea's and drives for the future.  Gotta plan and execute a bit more this fall and see what I want to do next year.  Job stuff is improving.  Riding more with 132 gps'd/logged activities so far in under 180 days.  And that's huge considering I was at like 50 events in 90 days.  I'm on track to hit like 90+ in the last 90 days by end of June.  145?  150?  Fitness is increasing.  Looking forward to suffering in Kill Bill 2015 in mid july.  Would love to finish the century+ but even finishing metric distance would be HUGE.

Ommegong's Take the Black Stout last night was the PERFECT beer for that episode by the way.  Dark, bitter, and strong.  Really liked this 2nd bottle much better than the 1st I drank last year.  May have to try and find a bottle of this years red and have it at the end of next season.

The redone bike rack looks awesome.  Gotta get some photo's up.  And give props/reviews on the shop that did the cleaning and powder coating.

And maybe I'll jog tonight after I get home from work.  Maybe.

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