Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 38 - Post Camping Wrap

Week 38 of 2017. 

It's been a hell of year.  Today marked my 37th bike commute of the year.  On the face of things thats a shade less than 1x per week.  By the end of the week I should hit 38 or 39.  But also take between Australia and HI I spent 8 weeks basically out of the country.  So if I hit 39 on 30 weeks basic thats not too bad.  Then you add in work, other stuff and random crap trap I'd say 26 weeks vs 39 rides would be 1.5 rides per week average.  And I'm definitely working from home an average of 1x per week plus all the other above crap.  So as I look at it between travel and bike and working from home 117 days of not driving the car to work out of 190 ain't too terrible.  Sure, if I maintain 2 a week I"ll be near 65 or so,  but the reality is I'll have probably 2 weeks of vacation where I won't commute, except to the bar.  And probably loose 1 week or 2 to weather. 

Last year's commute count 58 and that ended in....November!  Ugh. 

But onwards and upwards!

The MORE Fall Camp 2017 Edition was EXCELLENT!

Amazing Weather
Amazing Trails
Amazing People
Amazing Food
Amazing Dogs
Ama....fuckit.   It was the best year in Davis since year the 1st time 3 years ago.  It was most excellent, the trails were in great shape excluding the Black connector.  Rolled some big stuff, rode tons of rocks, did more of the Crack Trail this year than ever before, including most of the CRACK.  Sick.  Fun.  About the only negative was it was so warm, we didn't really need campfires much.  Sitting around the fire was way too hot for this young buck! 

Pictures to come. 

Friday - Black to Dam to Yellow to Swamp West Black 2 To Swamp East to Blue
Saturday - Jumps to Voodoo to Black to Crack to Yellow to Black to the Big X upto Pine Spur to Yellow to Gene's to Swamp East to Blue.
Sunday - Black to Swamp East to Yellow to Black to Mother of Crack to Fern to Yellow to Chunder Mountain to Yellow Down (So bad now!) to Black. 

Trails to Hit - Fern (Down), Gene's (Down), Mother of Crack (Down), Pine Spur (CCW), Crack, More Crack (maybe), Chunder Mountain (Down), Little Canaan
Trail to Skip - Voodoo (Not worth the effort).  I'd rather add do More Crack trail. 

Next on the horizon.  MoCo Epic 55.  Oh yeah, really frickin bright on my part! :) 

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