Friday, May 25, 2018

Week 21 - Shred to Shed

Wow, was really good to actually look at this today,   15 Weeks ago I noted I'd hit 214.4 officially.  Today's weigh in was 204.7.  I'm stoked, I hit my initial goal of 205 by end of May with a week to spare.  I'm now looking down the line and that by the end of June I want to be 200 SOLIDLY.   I fluctuate a bit and can very by 2 even 3 lbs at times.  This means I want to occasionally see 198 or so. 

I was trending down into April but had a BAD weekend and other stuff and had gotten on a real plateau at 210.  In fact 1 point i spiked up to 218.8 briefly. 

But I really cracked down, cut back on VitB(eer) and started really enforcing portion control and trying to eat a tad earlier on evenings.  And it's working.  211.6 down to 204.7 in last 4 weeks. 

The other side of it is I've been running and riding my butt off.   I looked back at 2017 for up thru May and while a bunch of my walking in Australia wasn't logged it was a pathetic spring in 2017 and early this year was not....  75 Hours logged by end of May 2017 (though probably 50-60 hours of walking in Australia wasn't logged).  As of today?  120 Hours.  And I think by end of month it will be more like 135'ish.

So regardless I'm stoked on my progress.

Riding area wise I'm a bit down on the stoke, but I have checked out Schaeffer this year with the new trail sections/redo work which is super nice!  And Cabin John's new stuff.  But no shed.  No travel.  No plans for an MTB trip.  Thought about Stoke-ville this weekend but between various issues and inbound shitty weather it's a no go.   Maybe PA or Richmond soon. 

Long term?  I'm thinking Japan.  Last year Hawaii was beast for J-Dog's and KM's wedding.  So I'm long term planning against Japan in 2019 currently. 

And I think my right elbow issue is slowly working out finally since the last heavy/wet snow in March I think.  Oy tennis elbow SUCKS. 

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