Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beer Glorious Beer

Ahhh. My friend beer.

Today I picked up a 4 pack of Fordham's Doublebock. Very nice and malty. Nice flavor, good body. My keyboard even drank a bit...

Also finally got my 6 pack of Full Moon. But thats gotta wait for a trial till at least tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to hit the Whole Foods in Fairfax circle and enjoy some beer, and fried foods. Nice

Tonight I've also managed to kill 2/3'rds of a bottle of NICE Malbec wine.

Bodega Tamari 2006 Malbec Reserva from Agentina. NIce body, good hints of tannin and a bit of spice. Smooth. It was actually a gift from a friend of the wife and we enjoyed a bit with dinner and now I'm almost done with the bottle. hehehhe.

Hard to believe but back before I moved to CA we used to often kill 2-3 bottles of wine a week. I still enjoy nice wine but not very regularly.

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