Monday, December 29, 2008

Lots of Beer, Not so much biking.

Lots of Good Beer had lately, while at the Big Hunt on Saturday Night I got to try the following brews:

allagash Black - Nice belgian/stout'ish mutant with large notes of coffee. I thought it was pretty good, it was on draft in a nice chalice type glass. Not much head. Sweet.

Victory Hop Wallop - Yah this was a nice hoppy Victory brew that was hoppy on the nose and on the tongue with a nice balance. A bit of maltiness and for how high the alcohol content was not very noticable. Drinkable as hell.

New Holland Cabin Fever Brown - Not bad mild brown, not much nuttiness but a nice level of malt and other stuff, only had a sip of the wife's.

note - STAY THE HELL AWAY from the home brands at the hunt, wife had a Hefe style and it was SKUNK'd. Either the lines were gross on that puppy or the keg was dead Jim.

Also noted that Kramer books has some real nice beers in the cafe, headed back there soon for sure!

Today would have been a nice nice day for a bike ride but I am at home TCB and such. I am hoping to hit the gym again starting this week. It's been A LONG time.

Anyone got good plans for New Year?

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