Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rosy Evening.

Beautiful sky last night on the drive over to Rosaryville, wish I could have taken a nice photo, but alas that requires a camera I suppose. D'oh!

Rode at Rosary with a bunch of folks last night, Paul led the 2nd group out. Definetely wasn't a casual pace as even at the back of the pack I averaged out at 8.7 mph. As a 2nd day I felt sluggish and tired after we did the inner loop. We did the ride in counter clockwise. And we did the inner loop in a reverse figure 8, and it worked real good, though the cut back up that hill was a real MF!

We hung out in the parking lot till about 9 shooting the shit. Right as I was leaving the park a very light misting rain started to fall. Sweet timing.

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