Monday, December 08, 2008

The Pancake

The title says it all. Thats been today.

Got to stay inbed later than the wife who had to leave at 7:15 this morning, stayed in till 8:30. Nice.

Played on the computer till 10.
Caught up on Chuck, Naruto, Kitchen Nightmares, and Dirty Jobs on DVR - FYI - Dirty Jobs has a GREAT bit on HOP Harvesting. Go watch it! Now!!!!
Made Pancakes with chocolate chips while watching above TV.
Decided to go for ride at Cabin John even though it was a brisk 36'ish though sunny with wind.
Got ready, fixed front tire (Flat?), Fixed Pump (loose fittings).
Rode at 2:00 till 4'ish. Stick on 2nd section mauled my damn rear derailleur. GRrrr. Took dumb fall near park on Tuckerman due to gully hidden by leaves. Cramped up super bad on one of the last climbs and bailed out before normal democracy road exit.
Got home and had pancake leftover, PB Sandwhich with Whey Protein Powder.

Feel like a frickin pancake yet I'm pondering riding tommorow yet again out at Rosaryville.

God I love biking.

Also celebrated the end of prohibition with Bells Winter White Ale last night, might try one of my own chimay's tonight...maybe.

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