Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Get out and Push!

With the onset of nicer weather and a kick in the pants from my scale I'm getting more motivated in my riding. Today was my 3rd ride in a row. 13 more miles pushing me to 36 since Sunday Morning. That puts me at probably 52 since Thursday. This is probably my best week since the early summer in June I think. Now if I can hold and work in some longer rides.

Nice ride today at WF. I did the WHOLE bowl on my preride for a change. It was great and not overly dry like the rest of Wakefield seems. Then did Accotink as part of Matt's small casual++ group. We got in a nice run over there hitting some stuff in a neat order. If only I remembered trails better over there. Oh well. Season there is rapidly winding down for the regular ride. By the beginning of October it will probably mean an early group if people want to hit it for more than 15 or 20 minutes. And really by 15 till 8 lights are really almost necessary! SUCKS!!!!!

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