Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing Pains

Everytime you upgrade gear or move to a new bike you have to expect some growing pains. Mine hit last night at WF. A short preride followed by a late start, I was climbing the access trail the powerco uses to the top of the berms and while powering up a next hill section: KAPOW! The chain blew out. After the long walk back to the car I tried a 10spd sram power link and a 9speed. The 10 was too short and the 9 speed would have fit but the rivets were too tight.

So off to TheBikeLane in burke I went this morning around 10:30. Took it in and the mech looked at the chain and promptly tossed it in the bin. After a quick exchange decides to go with the KMC X10SL - Nice chain. And since it was so soon after I got the bike I got it at cost. A much better chain! Sweet.

Picked up some perpetuem for the big ride day at Douthat.

Now I have to figure something out for the potluck dinner on Friday.

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