Monday, September 13, 2010

Light Weekend

Let up a bit this weekend, should have pushed and done a ride Saturday but I was lazy and really hoping/saving myself for Sunday morning at Fountain Head. Alas it rained in the AM enough that our organization master cancelled. I spent a lazy day cleaning, doing the whites, and COOKING like a FOOL (did a huge batch of bob flay style fajitas). It was awesome, just grilling takes so much more time on charcoal with prep/etc. Oh well can't win em all. The sun in the afternoon shoulda gotten me going but I wanted to get started cooking/eating early. It was awesome to be done with dinner by 7.

Finished up watching a bunch of LOTR on TNT till 10 or so but was wiped out and went to be before the big battle of doom!

Rode partially into work today to get some activity in. Realized 1 problem with the older bike already. I think the setback seatpost needs to go. My knee acted up on it within nearly no time. Felt the difference in my power/stroke. Need to do a good bit of work to that bike anyways.

Tuesday back at WF to get my official Trail Monitor paperwork done hopefully nearly a year and a half after starting it.

Also had a good new to me IP from Mendicino Brewing Co, White Hawk IPA I think it was. Nice nose, good balance. I think it was $9 at Giant. 7% ABV.

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