Thursday, February 17, 2011

BBQ with a side of Mud

Tuesday I did another out and back on the WO&D this time managing to LOG the whole thing on the gps. We also did the single track at the area, but really shouldn't have in retrospect. Large sections of ice and mud were present. As it was all on northern facing slopes that's not too surprising. On the way back we hit Carolina Brothers BBQ and picked up some smoked goodness to go. Both the beef and pork are top notch! No sauce required.

Last night was my first MORE BOD meeting as staff. Went a bit long but we had a lot of ground to cover and got most things done. Some good points, and some points requiring thought. Accidentally semi-volunteered to co-organize the MORE Summer Party. Fortunately venue is already mostly set and organized for a great price (FREE). Some where in MD is all I will say for this year.

I need some idea's for kid friendly stuff. That seems to be one of the BIG Complaints from previous years. Some people were saying a moon bounce would be good, others were saying bike stuff for the kids, cause we might as well start brainwashing, errr reinforcing good things like cycling early. Putting together some short loops, or maybe an unofficial kids race or two were mentioned. Or skills stuff.

Pre meeting I worked out work frustration at Accotink. Quiet a bit was ok, but also some was walking only. Say 60 good/40 bad. El Jefe reported the bowl was not very good. I'm thinking today may be a mix of CCT/etc. I think by Saturday trails may be ok. We'll see.

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