Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well I got out of the slave labor camp at work at a decent time considering the full on CF that was work. I want to send out a special FU to all the script kiddies and makers of various malware.

Hit Accotink around 5pm or so, the entrance from Danbury Forrest to Boy Scout was a half inch to inch of compressed sheet ice. With a frosting of snow. No way I made it up that. Rode up a ways on a side road and entered and nearly ate it twice. After figuring out the sides of the trail were safe I scooted into Accotink trails proper. Gas CO had been out in force sawing out some trees obviously. But still tons of little shit and non main trail stuff down, just in the front half. co,ldn't make it to the 2nd half due to ice on shaded south/easterly trail side stuff. Saw flags for the new section of trail. The part put in last fall is starting to burn in a bit.

After wards went to Wakefield and slipped in a nice preride before the main ride. Late start due to a few late arrivals..cough..Steve...cough.... Small group in casual but I bet we may have covered almost as much distance as intermediate. We did 7 miles. Rocked out most of the bowl. Rusted Truck. Race Course in reverse 495 section to the ascent hill. Phase 2, Berms, top half of phase 1. Part of phase 4. Race course creek trail. Creek Trail to half way and out. And more stick removal than I've even seen. Mike pulled out 4 sticks from his drive train in 100 yards at one point.

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