Friday, September 28, 2012

The mountain might get ya, but the law never will.

Yesterday went from being a partial Sh-- day to full on status by the end of the Wakefield night ride.  We had a rider on the casual group take a OTB dive and needed some help evac'ing out, he took a big red truck ride to ffx hospital.  He was sore but they emt's wanted to check everything.  I'm sure he wasn't OK to drive at the minimum. 

The new JK Rowling book started things on the downhill, a frustrating conversation with J via phone based IM sent it to the 50% mark and then that topped the day off. 

I will say Casual Vacancy seems interesting in the first 50 pages, but that it may be very depressing also.  It's not Harry Potter.  I've got an impending sense of something in the order of the Ice Storm but not really.  We'll see.

I did order the Bond 50 retrospective on Blu-ray so that will be cool, it should come in next week. 

I was going to try and ride in today but last night left me wiped out and continuing T-storms kept me up till Midnight.  Maybe I'll run tonight instead.  Legs were very tired to start with yesterday with 5 rides in the last 6 days. 

Just heard from the rider and he is fine.  Maybe a minor concussion, but he was out of the hospital last night and sometime over the weekend we will hookup to get his bike back to him.

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