Monday, June 17, 2013

100 Miles of Nowhere.

I crossed the 39th barrier recently.  Several notable stars on IMDB have their birthday listed on the same day.  And apparently the kard-ass-ian spawn arrived around then also.  Sigh.  There goes the neighborhood. 

I also believe I have come up with the most impossible classification for my #100MoN:

100MoN Workus Intrerruptus 2 Day Ride - You must make your commute to work, do at least 4 hours of work, Then go out and do at least 60+ additional miles.  Then the next day you must do any remaining mileage on the route you originally took.

My plan was to ride the WHOLE W&OD, but since I couldn't  get all day Saturday off I had to make it a 2 day since I had a 7PM dinner commitment. So on Saturday I blasted off to work at about 6:35 and did the 8 mile ride in.  Worked till almost noon then headed back out on the warpath out to Purcelville VA at the trails end.  An 8 to 10 mph headwind on the way out really wasn't bad.  My book on MP3 kept me rolling along instead of bored out of my mind.  At the trails end I stopped, at half a chocolate peanut butter sandwich and headed back.  In s'Leesburg I stopped to refill water and have some Coke.  It was damn good.  Making VERY good time back so far.  I thought wow I might have a slight opportunity to actually do this in one day.

Then real life caught up to me.  About 5 miles out of Leesburg my left leg cramped a bit.  I pedaled slower and lightly and eventually it cleared.  But it cost me.  I must have been pedaling a bit strangely as my left foot then decided to throw a fit just outside of Herndon.  Couldn't put any real weight/power into it.  My MTB shoes also contributed I think.  Not really meant for 4 or more hours in the saddle and at 5 years old they are pretty worn out.  Finally made it back  to my office in Reston for Advil, half a Taylor Gourmet Deli Sandwich and more Coke.  After checking on things and checking time I realized with my slower speed on the 2nd half back I had ended up with the same time out and back between work.  When it should have been 20 minutes shorter or more.  Foot felt a bit better but I still couldn't put full power into it or stand for long.  Time to call part 1 a day.  And back to starbase Vienna for a shower change and off to dinner.  But still I must note, my longest cycling set and day 76 for the day and 68 for the main ride.  That was my longest recorded total ride by 20 miles.  With a 16.2 average.  I've been commuting to work and back at about 15.6 lately with some faster days in the 16 range.

WAY too much dinner and drinks that night lead to the morning ride plan abandonment.  So I had to wait to finish till yesterday afternoon.

Part Deux was upon me and my motivation was failing slightly.  I went out to finish off the W&OD.  I had added a bit extra in Vienna the day before to  push my total up past 75 as I new Vienna was at MM 12'ish and I wanted to not have to go way further to complete my 100.  So off I went, foot wasn't bad, legs were a  bit slow.  Got down to Falls Church with some on and off rain sprinkles.  Stopped in at Bikenetic to chat on shoes and phone cases.  I need new shoes.

Then back off down to Mile 0.  It's a nice ride down from that point.  Fly down Glebe and I hopped on the road.  Found where Phoenix Bikes is and looked at their stock for a friend.  Nothing like what he needs alas.  And on I went.  I was craving a beer so I rolled into Shirlington but no where really safe to leave my bike unlocked where I could watch it and I wanted to head back as it was already 4:30.  Quick stop for another partial coke and back up the trail I went.  2 climbs sucked but the rest wasn't bad.  Way easier than the @#$@# Custis trail for sure.  Lots of runners and walkers out in both directions so I wasn't pushing speed very often.

And it was done.  105 miles in 6 hours 42 minutes over 2 days.  With 4 hours of work in part during the 1st.  Next year I'll do the whole damn thing in one shot.  In fact my goal is to do my first full century in the next month or two.  I've been pretty much a 50 mile a week guy..  This week I hit 140 and wasn't "dead" though I made 1 mistake yesterday.  On saturday I went for a 2.5 mile walk post ride (after a snack and 20 minute rest).  Yesterday I just vegged then went to dinner with no walk.  And today I'm paying my knees woke me up at around 4am.  2 advil later I feel almost human but they were sore, no ride to work today alas.  And I suspect no run.  May have to do a short ride on the CCT or something. 

My SIDI eagle 6's from 5 years ago are just worn out.  Now I must begin searching for a new shoe in ernest.  I want something cheaper for road and I think I will go SIDI again for mtb. 

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