Thursday, June 27, 2013

Funder Thuck.

That pretty much describes work, life and the weather this week.

I wimped out early in the week on riding to work Monday and Tuesday (well Tuesday I had to as I was driving in from elsewhere)  Monday I did haul home a 30lb system for some work and it wouldn't have fit in my bag.

Pace wise I'm picking back up on the CX bike slowly.  Was sub 28 in today I believe and I hit most of the lights nearly perfectly.  I stopped briefly at Nutley/Couthouse and 123/Courthouse but rolled every other light I actually made.  Good think considering how late I left!

The ride in was nice but super humid, glasses were super fogged up by the time I hit Sunset Hills I had them way down on my nose to see.

Yesterdays ride home I dogged the storm by leaving work late, 4:30 or so.  It was disgusting on the ride home.  I did a tuneup ride working on adjusting my new pedals/shoes around 6 and it was much better.  Not sure about the Pearl road shoes, they may be a tad narrow for me in the main foot, though the heel is almost perfect.  Will play with adjustments a bit more.  Right cleat needs to move inwards to move my foot outwards a bit so I can add a bit more heel in angle back on the cleat.  As of now its too far out by a tiny bit to keep my heel from hitting the chain stay.

Tonights WF ride is not looking great weather wise once again.  My plan is currently to ride, but who knows maybe it won't storm in WF land, like yesterday.  I suspect W@W is using up our good weather luck for the year.

Got in new breakpads for the MTB but I won't put em on till next week especially under the threat of shitty, err I mean gritty conditions.  Nothing like ruining new pads due to grinding the grit of the CCT/Etc.

Mileage has fallen back off.  Since the Birthday Epic Week, really to be a better rider I've got to get a 2nd day off a week and put in 1 longer ride, my Sundays just aren't regular enough.  Or I need to commit to a ride every Sunday be it a 6AM early bird or a forced march later in the day.

Weighed in yesterday at a shocking 196.  Holy crap!  Talk about un-expected especially after the Garbage In and Out weekend that last weekend was.

Well the hot fudge and brownie ice cream sunday I just ate helped that I'm sure, especially after eating salads for lunch 2 days in a row.

And to raise the level of awesomeness of this post I offer this for your viewing pleasure:
 TheBadPiper covering AC/DC's Thunderstruck.

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