Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Spring! Redux!

Wow, I didn't think it would happen but Spring has returned after what was Summer weather last week.  60's this morning and the previous morning and highs for the next 10 days in the low 80's and lows in mid 60's.  It's a beautiful time to ride your bike in DC.  Or really do anything outdoors.  I've run 2x times in the last 2 weeks and thats a LOT since March for me.  Trying to get back to 2 to 3 runs a week alternating maybe.  Need to start building for 10 miles by mid summer then start making the terrain harder.  I'm solidly in the 10 minute area right now and that should improve into the low 9's fairly easily.  Beyond that I'm not going to push that hard.

Did a bit of surprise gravel road riding Saturday on the way out to the half marathon J was doing in VA.  It was a blast, plus it's somewhere I was familiar with as I grew up in the area.  The big changes is some BIG damn houses. 

On my 2nd ride into work for the week.  Yesterday was great, today was a bit slower and I was over dressed, it ended up being a degree warmer I think today than yesterday yet I wore full kit.  D'oh!

Strava is pushing me to push myself and try and go faster/do better in shorter stuff, now I just need to add distance.  Debating doing a post ride from work out the WOD a bit and back or just going home first then going east.  Depends on the winds.  Whichever I do I want to head into the winds first. 

Beer wise I've had a few things but nothing super new or unusual.  Working down stock in the b33r fridge.  The last unusual/rarity was a DFH 75 with maple, that I couldn't really taste the maple in at all, versus say Crown Royal Maple which is like pancake syrup with whiskey.  I am gearing up for a brewing run soon, going to order a La Choufe Houblon clone from Northwest Brewer and get it going very soon.  And once it's in secondary I want to get a fall beer also in by the end of June.  Basement should stay nice an cool enough for good fermentation. 

As of yesterday's morning weight in I was 200 flat.  Not bad considering I ate like a horse all weekend including one of the largest pieces of carrot cake ever.  Should be back to sub 200 by end of week, I'd like to solidly set at 190 again.  But if pigs had wings....we'd have no pulled pork.

And I just found the most awesomely disgusting youtube food channel.  EpicMealTime.  Bacon is your god...bow down before it.

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