Friday, October 18, 2013

It's time to start running!

It's time to start running!

As he says at the start of the video.  Tough Mudder for me is tomorrow Oct 19.  Distance wise I'm not super worried, I've done up to 7 miles and with a 3-4 hour eta for finish with obstacles and such I'm confident I have the leg power to finish with some longer rides in the bag.  The elevation may be a biatch but I will survive. 

The obsticles are another thing.  Arctic Enema, Berlin Walls and a few others do scare me a bit.  I am debating skipping the 2 electric ones due to my old school occasional heart beat issues.  Temp should be low 60's at start.  Debating tech layer  Might go pick up a dryfit long sleeve tonight.  Also must err pad the man nips. I know what happens to them when I run a long time and I don't want to repeat the last time.  Tech compression underwear for sure.  Wool socks.  Wolf Pack t-shirt.  May also look at some compression/tech running tights.

Gotta trim my nails for sure tonight, some are fricking claws I realized.

I'm nervous but excited. 

Full report Sunday or Monday for sure. 

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