Friday, October 25, 2013

The Big 180 is done.

I've officially logged 180 activities in Garmin or in  2 or 3 cases out this year so far.  Well garmin has 177 but will have 179 after I upload so I only missed garmin recording 1 event.  Pretty geeky.  Just shy of 2500 miles.

Cycling is will hit 2300 miles in 133 activities, that leaves almost 200 miles of running. 

My end goal this year? 220 Events 3K miles.  To hit that mark I've gotta get back into regularly bike commuting with a few rides post work I think.  I REALLY need to pull out the Winter gear.  Next week warms up a bit but then after that we are solidly in the 50-30 daily range.  Ugh.

Last nights WF TNR was a damn good ride for a group of around 12 people.  We kept rolling well and only stopped to regroup a few times.  We did shrink the pack on lap 2 with a few people bailing to change at the parking lot before I re-hit the bowl.

Trails are a mess with stream work and getting around WF over the next few weeks is going to get REALLY shitty with bridge's being removed on CCT sections, etc. 

Rumor has it we may be doing something uh...interesting for the halloween ride.

If it doesn't uh...nevermind.  Positive weather re-enforcement in place now. 

And strangely enough I plan to keep running.  In fact I actually want to try running a bit more and shoot for a possible half marathon of stupid.  Who knows?

Pearl Jam Sunday.  FCK yah!

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