Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Not Dead Yet

After innumerable viewings of Better of Dead this winter (nothing else to do, it was too snowy/rainy/cold) to generally ride my bike more than 1 day a week), I got back on the commute horse today.  Well back on the Volpe and rolled into work.

Holy Sheet.  I'm #@@$@ outa shape.  Or my legs aren't used to that!   My layering was also not optimal or being outa shape is making me VERY sweaty.  I was in tights, bib shorts,  long sleeve wooly and a jacket at 44'ish and I was sweaty as a pig when I got to work, next time I go wooly and sleeveless vest and 3/4 light pants.    The bigger question is boots versus shoes with toe covers.  I'm leaning towards the toe covers. 

In other news I'm tracking my b33r/drink intake for April to try and reduce a bit. Or set a reduction goal.  For now I'm at 2.  I really didn't mean to have the 2nd one last night!  Honest!  The Perennial Sump Coffee stout is great with nice coffee/chocolate balance.  Founders Nitro Oatmeal Stout is just smooth as hell. 

For the first time in 8.5 years almost I'm going to have a regular Sat-Sun weekend starting this weekend.  Road bike ride on Saturday morning and MTB on Sunday with Punga at Gambrill.  Hell yah! 

Now if only the rains would slow down. 

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